Commonly Asked Questions
Question:  What is the SIZE of the Trash Sack?

Answer:  The dimensions are: 12 inches wide, 16 inches tall, and opens out to about 7 inches when accommodating 5 gallons of wet or dry disposals.  When zipped closed, the Trash Sack is one inch thick and rests flat against the object it's secured to.

Question:   Does the Trash Sack come with liners?

Answer:  Yes!  The Trash Sacks come complete with three "draw-string" liners.  One pre installed and two stored in the front storage pocket.

Question:  What makes the liners special, and can I use grocery bags?
Answer:  The Trash Sack liners are extremely heavy duty and are commonly reused.  The liners have markings that locate the fastening clips.  Plus, the draw-string locks into the clips, so not to come loose!  Some folks will try grocery bags and then realize the Trash Sack liners make installation 1000 times easier. Of course, saving time and hassle.

Question:  How long before I'll need more liners?

Answer:  On average, one pack of 12 liners should last you about one year. I recommend you pick up at least one pack of 12 liners for each Trash Sack. Doing so will save time AND separate shipping costs. The cost for a one year supply of liners is $8.95.

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